Our outdoor gardens start to look a little drab this time of year, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the color indoors! We have a wide selection of beautiful house plants to brighten your home for the holidays. Here are our favorites, as well as tips for caring for them so they last well into winter.


Poinsettias are the quintessential holiday houseplant. We have a range of sizes and colors to meet everyone’s decorating and gift-giving needs. From the mini 2.5” to our spectacular poinsettia hanging baskets, the care of this long lasting winter favorite is the same. Poinsettias like semi-cool, humid conditions, so keep them away from heating ducts and cold drafts. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Providing good drainage is essential, so if there is a pot cover, remember to empty it after watering. Position Poinsettias in bright, indirect light for best performance.






Amaryllis is a Holiday classic with beefy flowers on tall stems flanked by handsome foliage. Keep this show-stopper in bright indirect light. Steer away from full sunlight to prolong bloom time. Allow the top of the soil to dry before thoroughly watering. Provide excellent drainage to insure the health of the bulb and roots.








Greenhouse Evergreens

Bring a little winter wonderland inside. These adorable evergreens are raised especially for interior holiday displays. They’re perfect for a mixed planter gift or taking center stage all in a row along your dinner table. Keep them evenly moist and avoid placing them near heating ducts where they might get too dry. Provide bright indirect light for best performance.









Cyclamen is a wonderful choice for centerpieces, general decorating, and gift-giving. This winter holiday favorite features bright swept-back petals and sensational silvery patterns on heart-shaped leaves. Cyclamens like semi-cool, humid conditions, so be sure to keep them away from heating ducts. You’ll want to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Growers tip:  we water cyclamens in our greenhouse from the bottom and avoid watering the top of the plant to avoid crown rot. Remove any yellow leaves or spent blooms to keep your plant in top condition. Provide bright indirect lights for best performance.







Christmas Cactus

Despite its moniker, this long-lived plant is actually a succulent originating from the forests of South America. You can let the top of the soil get dry before giving it a thorough watering. Do not let the soil become boggy and wet. Christmas Cacti appreciate some humidity, so avoid placing them close to heating ducts. Bight indirect light is best for keeping the blooms going through the holiday season. Don’t worry if a few of the flower buds occasionally drop. This is expected and as long as it’s only a few each week, it won’t diminish the seasonal display.