We LOVE Thanksgiving — no other holiday seems focused on enjoying family and friends around a delicious meal in quite the same way as Thanksgiving. While the food definitely is the star of any Thanksgiving gathering, a beautiful centerpiece can really help set the mood for your guests. Heritage Farm and Garden has plenty of fall decorations to make your table stand out. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them.


A small glimpse of the leaf decor available at Heritage Farm & Garden.

We have an abundance of artificial fall leaves, bursting with orange, yellow, and deep red colors. These look beautiful as the base of your Thanksgiving tablescape.  Simply scatter them over your tablecloth and then arrange small pumpkins and gourds on top. We love how these centerpieces make use of artificial leaves:



The deep reds of these artificial pomegranates at HFG are perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Pomegranates are a quintessential fall fruit. Due to the abundance of seeds, the pomegranate has been used throughout history and in many religions to represent abudance, prosperity, and generosity — perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. And the sweet, tart seeds brighten up fall salads and side dishes. These centerpieces really put the beauty of pomegranates on striking display:




Our artificial wheat stalks are beautiful.

Wheat stalks can add some really lovely light brown and gold tones to your centerpiece display. They also are perfect for adding height and drama to floral arrangements.


This is just the beginning of what we have in stock for your centerpieces at Heritage Farm & Garden! We have articial grapes, real and articial pumpkins and gourds, candles, salt and pepper shakers, and more. We hope this post inspires you to have some fun decorating your Thanksgiving table. Don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance with ideas for your centerpiece when you’re in the store!