We hope everyone had a magical holiday season! We here at Heritage Farm and Garden are so looking forward to the New Year! Except for one little thing. After we toast with our loved ones and sip our bubbly and plan our resolutions, a certain realization sets in every year that makes us really, really sad: it’s time to take down the holiday decorations. (SOB!) Although we wish Christmas trees could stay up for months, we want to help you dispose of them safely, so here’s our guide.

Safe Christmas Tree Disposal

  1. First, NEVER plan to use the wood from your Christmas tree to build a fire in your fireplace. We know it sounds like the perfect solution — it’s the best season for a cozy fire and you have all this wood right there! But evergreen trees have high levels of turpentine oils that can cause flare-ups or chimney fires.
  2. The second most important rule is that you should dispose of your tree BEFORE it starts to dry out. We get it–taking down the tree is a bummer, especially if it still smells so lovely! But dry trees are fire hazards, so it’s better to get rid of the tree sooner rather than later.
  3. Wrap the tree in a large plastic tree bag to carry it to your garbage. This will help keep sap and needles from making a mess in your home on the way out the door.
  4. Dump any water left in the tree stand into a bucket to make it easier to carry to a drain.
  5. Finally, check with your waste management department or contractor to see if there are special pick-up days, drop-off sites, or regulations governing tree disposal.
    1. For residents of Muttontown, we did the leg work for you. Both Center Sanitation and Daniel Finley Allen & Company assured us you can leave your trees with your garbage on your usual pick-up day. Dependable Sanitation Corp. specified that trees will be picked up on the second pick-up day of the week and that trees must be at the curb, even if you have garage pick-up for the rest of your garbage. National Waste Services will pick up your tree where you usually leave your garbage, but there is an addtional charge of $25. We were unable to reach East Coast Waste Services, William Danielo & Son, or Meadow Carting Corp.
    2. Residents of Oyster Bay can review waste management rules here and Woodbury residents can get that information here.

We hope this helps you keep your home safe and clean while you dispose of your tree. We can’t do much to help you feel better about taking down your decorations, but we DO have some beautiful indoor plants to brighten up your space until spring arrives!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2018 be your best year yet!