It’s the ideal time of year to cozy up by a warm fire and Heritage Farm & Garden has lots of premier firewood available to keep you going all season!  We’ve recently been hearing about a new method (well, new to us) for building a long-lasting, hassle-free fire: the “upside down” method. We tried it and found it as effective as advertised! Building an upside-down fire gives you more heat in a shorter period of time, burns longer, and does not require you to tend to it, constantly adding more wood to keep it going.

We followed the directions on Tim Ferriss’s blog and summarize them below. You also can successfully build an upside down fire outside, so keep this in mind for summer campouts or cocktails around a fire pit.

The upside down fire is just what it sounds like — rather than starting with a layer of crumpled paper topped with kindling and then surrounded by the larger wood pieces, flip the formula upside down! Start with the largest pieces of wood you have and then layer smaller pieces of wood on top.

  1. Lay your largest pieces of wood side-by-side on the bottom of your fireplace. The logs should be placed as closely together as possible, with no gaps or spaces between the logs.
  2. Then lay your next biggest pieces of wood on top of the base. Again, make sure there are no spaces between the logs. Tim Ferriss shows his second layer lying in the same direction as the base layer, which is what we did, but other guides direct you to lay each layer perpendicular to the layer beneath it, so we think either method will work.
  3. Repeat, with each layer of wood getting smaller and smaller, until you get to the kindling and then the paper.
  4. Layer the paper in strips on top of the kindling, bending it slightly to form a sort of bed.
  5. Top it with a fire starter square or stick, light, and enjoy your fire for many hours!

It takes a bit for the fire to get going, but then it truly is hassle-free. As each layer burns, embers drop to the layer below so you don’t have to do a thing to keep it going.

Let us know if you try this upside down method for building fires! We hope it’s a successful for you as it was for us. And stop by Heritage Farm & Garden to stock up on wonderful, kiln-dried firewood.