Heritage Farm & Garden hosted a unique, hands-on gardening workshop on Saturday, February 10. At The Garden Goddess’s Guide to Succulents, participants learned how to create beautiful and lush succulent gardens. Each guest left with a succulent garden of their own creation and, more importantly, the knowledge and confidence to create more succulent gardens again in the future!

Heritage staff member Kathleen Shewan led the informative and fun workshop. Guests were educated on various cultivars of succulents. From maintenance and design elements to health benefits and lore, Kathleen has never met a succulent she didn’t like! And it seems Kathleen’s enthusiasm spread to the guests, who loved the variety of succulents provided (so much that it was difficult to choose which ones to use in their individual creations!). Some participants even upgraded their planters with some from HFG’s beautiful selection.

It was an afternoon of creation, art, and beauty. We love hosting these workshops at Heritage Farm and Garden. A vital part of our mission here is to build a community of passionate gardeners. It’s good for the environment and good for the soul. We hope to see you at future workshop events at HFG!