Hopefully, you know by now that Heritage Farm & Garden is your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs on the North Shore of Long Island. But did you know we make our own floral arrangements, as well? Our design department is truly second to none. Spring is the perfect time to stop by and grab one of our “Gardens in a Basket.” We have lovely, seasonal baskets brimming with flowers: everything from seasonal flowering bulbs and flowering houseplants to tropical foliage, orchids, and bromeliads. An elegant bow puts the finishing touch on the basket. These make the perfect hostess gifts and are an easy way to brighten up your home for Easter or Passover gatherings or any special occasion. We really make it easy on you by having a complete selection of in-house designs ready to go. But if you want to make your gift more special, you can work together with one of our designers to create a custom, personalized garden.

To provide a little inspiration, we thought we’d discuss some of the symbolism behind many of the most popular spring flowers.

Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies are very popular as centerpieces or in floral arrangements. They are prized for their intoxicating scent and their delicate bell shape is striking. But did you know the all-white Easter lily represents purity and hope? Perfect for any spring celebration.

Purple and White Tulips

Purple and white tulips are often featured in Easter bouquets and not only because they happen to bloom around the same time of year as the holiday. Purple tulips represent royalty and white tulips represent forgiveness.


Irises symbolize faith, wisdom, and hope. Again, perfect themes for spring!

Blue and White Flowers

Flowers are an important part of many Passover Seders. An abundance of flowers spread across a tablescape spreads the happiness of the Hebrew slaves’ freedom. Like Easter, Passover bouquets and d├ęcor usually feature spring-blooming flowers like lilies, daisies, irises, tulips, and hyacinths. But Passover bouquets in more traditional homes are likely to feature these flowers in shades of blue and white. Blue represents divinity in Judaism because it is the color of the sky and the sea. It also is viewed as a symbol of balance — the midpoint on the spectrum between white and black, morning and night. This sense of balance particularly speaks to us during spring, the transition point between winter and summer. White symbolizes light, hope, and purity.

We hope to see you in the store soon and would love to help you create the perfect “Garden in a Basket” for any occasion!