We have just stocked up on some beautiful flowers we can’t wait to share with you! You can’t deny spring is approaching when you’re surrounded by all this beautiful color!



We have a nice selection of pansies that were “cold grown” by one of our local growers. They are already hardened off and ready for the garden. Even a little snow won’t deter these tough but lovely harbingers of spring.



Didn’t get your tulips bulbs planted last fall and regretting it now? Never fear! We also have non-forced tulips in pots. They are just emerging and ready for the garden or outdoor planters.



We have lush Winter Flowering Jasmine vines that are fully in bud and ready to bloom. If you’ve never experienced the heady yet delicate perfume of Jasmine, this is your chance for a real treat. Bright light and even moisture is all this abundantly flowering champion needs to help chase out the winter cobwebs and make way for spring. Keep indoors to enjoy their fragrance and beauty.