Perennials return year after year, bringing color to the garden. Once established, they require little maintenance.

Here are perennial plant care tips!

  • Plant perennials in loose, well-drained, loamy soil to which compost has been added. Water well afterwards.
  • Group together plants that have similar water requirements.
  • Water sufficiently, especially during the first growing season. If planting in the fall, water perennials regularly until frost. Check with our staff for specific water requirement for each plant.
  • Avoid getting water on the foliage to avoid disease. Fertilize with low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus fertilizer to encourage more blooms. A single application in spring (after the soil has warmed) is usually a good start.
  • Mulch can keep weeds to a minimum and retain moisture.
  • Remove spent flowers (deadhead) to prevent plants from using their energy on seed production and to stimulate re-blooming.
  • Some perennials can benefit from devision. Spring and fall are the best times for most perennials if you do. If you have questions about any specific perennial please come visit us and ask our staff!