Known for their easy-to-grow reputation, ground cover shrub roses are the ‘go-to’ choice for any gardener – novice or seasoned.  Welcome ‘Color Cocktail’ Rose to the Drift ® series of low maintenance roses!

‘Color Cocktail’ produces incredibly beautiful flowers (measuring 3” across) that begin as yellow buds that open to yellow flowers but turn peachy-pink as they begin to mature.  Dark glossy green leaves, an abundance of flowers that begin in late spring and continue until frost, and good disease resistance make this colorful rose worth planting!

Recipe for success:  plant in full sun locations (6 plus hours a day) where the soil is moist, yet well-drained. A quick word or two about watering – invest in a soaker hose and avoid overhead irrigation whenever possible (this practice can help to keep disease out of a garden or landscape).  Remember, plants take up water through their roots, not leaves. Fertilize regularly during the growing season according to product directions.

‘Color Cocktail’, hardy in zones 5-9 (we are considered zone 7), is a vigorous, mounding rose that can grow 2-3’ in height and width. Perfect for use in landscape beds and borders, containers, mass plantings, and for dreamy bouquets of cut flowers for the home.