People will sometimes refer to hydrangeas as ‘thirsty’ plants. Think about it – lots of leaves and flowers that depend on moist, well-drained soil! Their greatest need – a reliable, regular source of water.

Plain and simple – never let hydrangeas go dry, especially during Long Island’s summer droughts. Soaker hoses are an efficient way to water; they deliver water to where it’s needed – the roots. Mulch with several inches of an organic material (but NOT peat moss) to conserve needed soil moisture. (Do not apply mulch on or around the crowns or stems of any plant.) Worth mentioning: Hydrangeas often wilt during hot, summer days, and recover in the evening. Make sure the wilting is not from lack of water.

New plantings need adequate water that penetrates well into the root zone of the plant. Check daily for water needs, and water before the soil dries out. Haven’t had a chance to plant your hydrangea yet? Nursery pots can dry out quickly so check it daily! Keep it in a shady spot and well-watered until you can plant.