With blooms that are saucer-sized (or bigger), Hardy Hibiscus is a star of the summer garden that commands the attention to its dramatic display.

They are not new, but they are finally getting the nation-wide fame they deserve in the US, which is expectedly so considering that they not only display stunning large flowers & complimenting foliage but have a long bloom season.

They are easy to grow – easier than their more famous cousin ‘Tropical Hibiscus’. All they ask is full sun and decent soil, and they’re fairly adaptable to various living conditions. Late spring to early summer, they start leafing out and in a few weeks you will have attractive foliage and soon thereafter a summer full of spectacular blooms!

A little bit of history on this glamorous beauty here – John Bartram (1699-1777) was one of the earliest and most famous plant explorers from Pennsylvania who traveled in the New World to find new plants. Even John Bartram was stunned by these flowers. As early as 1807, the catalog of John Bartram and Son in Philadelphia listed the precious seeds of the wild ones, the specimens of grown of the mammoth-flowered plants were an instant sensation in Europe. But the wild versions are mostly swamp dwellers and/or rangy tall shrubs with few flowers. Of course in time, brilliant hybridizers would solve all those “problems” and more. A few hardy hybridizers have done wonders with the species. Imagine how Bartram would be thrilled if he could see the dressed-up descendants of his discoveries today!

At Heritage, you will find the stunning & hardy hybridized variety – Hardy Hibiscus ‘Rose Mallow’ in Luna Red, Luna Pink Swirl, and Luna White.
If you have a butterfly garden, Hardy Hibiscus could be a perfect flowering shrub to add to. Rabbit/Deer/Pest/Disease resistant.