Lift and Divide Iris

Remove any tissue that has been infested with iris borer. Bearded Iris (Iris germanica) clumps may be divided every third or fourth year. Siberian and Japanese Iris do not require frequent division. However, if blooms are smaller or weaker than in years past, lift the clumps to inspect for borer. Replant Iris in a sunny location. German Iris does well in well-drained garden soil. Japanese Iris thrives on moist, rich soil. Bearded Iris should be planted so that the top portion of the rhizome is at the soil surface. Non-bearded Iris can be covered with 2” of well firmed earth.

Keep a Garden Journal

Your gardening diary is one of your most valuable tools. Make weekly notes to avoid making the same mistakes year after year. Remember your favorite plant varieties and where they thrive. If you keep gather and keep seeds from your plants, put them in an envelope and staple them into your journal for safekeeping.

Keep Things Tidy

Clean up any garden debris to prevent pest infestations. Provide excellent air circulation to discourage fungus development and various diseases.
Spring Bulbs. Start planning your spring garden now. Look for spring flowering bulbs available in the Heritage Garden Center Department around Labor Day.

Rose Care

Give roses their final fertilization by August 15th. Rose Tone is a great slow-release organic fertilizer balanced to promote bud set and blooming. Continue to prune, deadhead, and spray to prevent powdery mildew and black spot development. Try Espoma’s 3 in 1 Rose treatment.

Lawn Care

Continue caring for your lawn throughout the summer. Avoid overwatering your turf grass. Longer and less frequent watering is best practice for lawn irrigation. Look for signs of grub damage (more than 10 grubs per square foot) and apply grub control as needed. Stop by Heritage to consult on best practices for fertilization, watering and pest control.

Ask an Expert

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